What Causes Paper Jams In Copiers And Laser Printers And How To Fix Them

Paper jams with printers are really bothering when you are in the middle of a printing job and it occurs repeatedly. You have already wasted a lot of paper and at the same time a lot of energy troubleshooting the problem but in vain. Most of us face these types of printer problems quite often. Do you want to know how to fix printer paper jam problem? To solve this printer problem, let us look into the mechanism of the paper-feed in a printer.

Error 13. The Error 13 message on your printer screen is probably one of the most common printer error codes. It means that there is a paper jam. Most service Printerrepairgroup manuals will give you instructions on how to get rid of the paper jams, so be sure to follow the directions on the printer screen or paper tray for the best way to remove crumbled paper from the rollers and get your printer up and running again.

Point of sale equipment that is computer based follows this pattern of drops in price and increase in features. An entire industry flourishes behind a cloak of mystery regarding point of sale hardware, software and systems. In large part, business owners continue to pour money into the pockets of dealers who continue to overcharge for repair and replacement parts, including printers.

A call is placed to the dealer who will ask questions of the business owner to determine if the printer is truly broken or if the problem could be a software, cable or power issue. Yes, there are truly repair calls that are solved by properly plugging the printer power supply into the electrical outlet.

If you are going to be doing a lot of bulk printing choose a laser printer that can accommodate a lot of paper. Paper capacity also depends on paper thickness and weight. Normally, standard paper capacity is fine. Laser printers do have options such as these because lasers are used in big companies which need higher capacity.

This Brother laser printer is fast (prints up to 23 pages per minute) and the paper cassette tray holds enough sheets (up to 250) to keep you ready to print at the click of a mouse. I find the laser printer to be much more economical to use than an ink jet and since I don’t need it for color prints, this Brother monochrome laser printer suits my printing needs very well.

The HP LaserJet 4350 printer is the best idea for everyone searching for a packed printer. It’s compact and can look great in any office area. It shows well and appears trendy with its screen size and great sized knobs. It gives offices the dependable and strong printing abilities that they might need to run their business.

Raymond Martinze