‘The Voice’ Recap: Season 2 Battle Rounds Set A New High Standard

We all worry about wrinkles and lines appearing on our skin as we age. However for some people their skin becomes wrinkled even at a young age. Premature skin aging is something we should all try to avoid, however if you do not take care of your skin and protect it from the elements then you too will experience premature skin aging.

This trip is really special because it starts out with a helicopter ride to the bottom of the Canyon. This is extraordinary because the West Rim, which is just 120 miles from Las Vegas, is the only place in the National Park where you can fly to the base!

This is a fun one for those macho man teen boys. Dog the Bounty hunter dresses like a typical tough guy. He’s in black leather pants and boots with a black leather vest. If you can’t afford the leather, spray paint jeans, vest and tennis shoes with glossy black paint. The vest can be made out of an old jacket with sleeves cut off. Accessories for this 2010 homemade Halloween costume include a blond wig, black shades and a fake armband knife holder. Add handcuffs hanging from a belt loop and a neck chain with a cardboard star. Write DOG in white letters on the vest for effect.

Chalk boards are a great way for guests to send a message like wedding well wishes. You can make your own by spray painting the glass in a picture frame with chalk board spray paint or you can check out the Chalkboard Speech Bubble from Photo Jojo for $29 for the chalkboard and chalk.

Yesterday, our group chilled out at the camp site, visited the hundreds of vendors on site. There’s everything you could ever want to buy, like jewelry, cowboy hats (which I purchased – a pink one), outlet de oculos, insurance, belts, clothing, t-shirts galore and even motorcycles. The near 100 degree temperatures make ROT a challenge, but the big vender areas have air conditioning for those who need to get out of the heat. And, the organizers do a great job of cleaning everything up in the morning. By daylight, one can see the port o let company out emptying the toilets and the clean up crew picking up bags and bags of trash and beer cans.

Evenings at ROT includes a parade route where the sites are almost unbelievable. There’s lots of upper body nudity and even some lower body nudity; but all is not pretty; trust me. There’s music and parties at every camp site. With 60,000 people crowded in the Travis County Exposition Fairgrounds, it’s a wonder that crime is so low. Of course, leaving the campgrounds is not a good idea if you’ve been drinking. Cops are everywhere, and during the rally they have signs that say “DUI Zero Tolerance” — be forwarned!

Want to get in on those stats? Dating online, like job hunting or any other kind of social networking, is a game of selling yourself. To attract the right people, you have to play up your strong points – make yourself look good – without exaggerating or lying. If you’re not truthful in your profile, it’ll show when you finally meet up with your first potential match. If that person can’t trust your online representation, they won’t be able to trust you, either.

After your profile is beefed up, start looking around. Find like-minded people who match your criteria, and contact them. Strike up a casual conversation – just as you would dating in person. If the online conversations go well, try exchanging phone numbers. Still interested? Ask to meet up for coffee or something. If it doesn’t work, try again. You never know when you’ll meet the love of your life.

Raymond Martinze